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  • Roadrage

    4 Things Other Drivers Do That Shit Me Off

    Nobody knows my utter frustration at various road users more than my wife, or anyone else who has ever been in the car with me. I would not go as far as to say I suffer from road rage – it’s more that I just …

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  • Latlng Sphere

    Google Static Map – How to Draw a Radius around a Point

    Well, after a very long time trying to find a way to generate a Google Static Map with a filled circle of a specific Km radius around a specified map point, I’ve finally done it!!!

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  • Fatheraby E1331176600513

    Eighteen Months as a Parent

    As a parent, it’s your job and your job alone to raise your child as a well rounded and a generally accepted member of the human race. Hell, with a bit of luck and a tail wind, you may even raise them to aspire to …

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  • Duster

    Dusting off the old.

    The time has come to take this 10 year old domain and do something with it again. I thought about just getting rid of it, but I have so many email accounts tied into that it would just have been a total head-fuck, so …

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