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Custom Button

Original Version 1.0

The ‘Custom Button Control’ is a full featured ‘Lightweight’ (windowless), substitute to the somewhat limited ‘CommandButton’. This control has features including;

  • All the standard interfaces you would expect in a button
  • Image support with nine different alignment choices
  • Extremely customizable colour options
  • Six different border styles
  • Optional text shadow
  • Plus much much more…

Additional Features in Version 2.0

  • Offset text on mouse over option
  • Mouse In & Out events (without the usual bugs!)
  • NEW ‘Custom Title Bar’ control with features including;
    • Accurate form Active/Inactive notification
    • Supports the full range of borders
    • Can include any sized icon (full alignment options)
    • Caption can be inherited directly from the form

Also the internal drawing procedures have all been tweaked for optimal performance, and everything is user-draw, there are no embedded label’s or picture box’s (or anything else for that matter) in this control, in fact I don’t think it runs any slower than the standard ‘CommandButton’ and it’s a heck of a lot more programmable.

If you are interested in obtaining the full version 2.0 control, please contact me.

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