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This ActiveX control is intended for used with ISA I/O Cards based around the Intel 8255A and 82C55A microcontroller. It works as a simple interface between the software you write and the hardware you want to control.

This can actually be done directly through the WinIO DLL, but requires an understanding of the dynamics associated with hardware access, that way once you have rendered your computer no more useful than a broken toaster oven, you can look back with great wisdom and now why it was not really a good idea to go and send unknown quantities of data to random hardware addresses…

AXIO is intended as a replacement to the original control I released for the same purpose IO8225A.OCX). The main reason is that the file IO95.DLL used by the previous version was incompatible with Windows NT & XP. However AXIO is a complete re-write; no original code included. In order to get around these issues with compatibility, IO95.DLL had to be replaced with a Kernel Mode Driver. And this is what WinIO is.

AXIO V1.0 (90.3 KiB)


This distribution assumes that you already have Visual Basic installed on your system.

Run the “Install-AXIO” batch file it will copy the AXIO control into your system32 directory and register the file with RegSvr32.

In order for the AXIO control to work with your program, you will need to copy:

WinIO.sys WinIO.dll and WINIO.vxd (found in the ‘AXIO Dependencies’ folder of this distribution) into the same directory as your executable (*.exe).

Note that in most cases the WinIO drivers will fail to initialize if running your program from within the Visual Basic development environment, so you will need to compile your program regularly and test it by running the executable.

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