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I’m Josh Macdonald, a software architect turned web developer. I am based in the southern Tasmanian capital city of Hobart in Australia.

I work from my home office developing websites and related online projects for a mostly local client base. Most work gets done in the late hours of the evenings once my son is fast asleep and the daily chores have been completed (or put off).

The Jomac Inc. domain was first registered by me in early 2002 and it became the home of software that was written by my company (Jomac Inc.). After several years running Jomac Inc. I took up an office job developing software for the finance industry. Jomac Inc. slowly faded into the background and now that it no longer exists, this will become the home of my personal blog, it will be updated infrequently, and it is very unlikely there will ever be anything worth reading here.

If you came here looking for some of the old freeware software that Jomac Inc. developed and hosted here, sorry… you are too late, it’s gone. Seriously, that stuff had not been updated for over a decade and there really is no good reason for it to still be wanted. ** Update ** Some of that software can now be found here.

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